Thursday, May 13, 2010

Middle Age Spread

Well, the belly is back. I guess it comes with age and lack of exercise. It did keep me warm over the winter and has prevented colds. So, it's not without its benefits. I've been busy with work...which is nothing to complain about. Some may choose to say that I have been blessed with work. Then again, they say a lot of things "they" don't have to do. I am still working on a preschool show for Nick Jr called "Team Umizoomi". I have been working on this show for about 2 years, now. It started at the Nickelodeon studio, and after that studio shut down, the work is continuing at another studio called Curious Pictures. Along with this day job, I have had the good fortune of some fun freelance work, as well. I did some work on a music video for They Might Be Giants ( a small clip is on this blog in an earlier post). This video just got a second place award at the ASIFA animation festival for the director. He even thanked me in his acceptance speech. Another project I worked on, also got some awards. It was an animated open for a horror comedy movie called "Hysterical Pyscho". I am just starting another round of "Big Baby" cartoons which aired on Cartoon Network last year. I have also been working on some educational animations about the presidents. So, busy...but, enjoying. I haven't done any major traveling in awhile. I went home to Virginia this past Christmas, and on a ski trip with some friends from work over my birthday this year. The extra fat was good for padding and heating up there, but made getting up after a fall a lot tougher. I guess I will have to start doing something about the belly soon. Even my landlord, who I hadn't seen in 10 years, said "wow, you got fat". Then he raised my rent. I guess he is charging by the pound.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treating in Jamaica 2008

This year, I decided to do something fun and scary for Halloween.  I  combined two things I almost never do; vacations and dates.  I went to visit Sheika in Jamaica.  I had been periodically checking flight costs over the course of the three months we had been having our nightly chats (idiot conferences).    And while on a sick day, I happened to chat Sheika while she was at work and suggested a visit.  Before our chat was done, the tickets were bought and the count down began.  One week in advance.  But, Halloween is supposed to be fun and scary combined (just like Sheika).

October 30, 2008

The night before the flight, I got home and ate my dinner while watching Smallville and called for a taxi in the morning.  I logged on to the computer to speak with Sheika (who had not come on camera for the whole week) to confirm all our arrangements.  She told me she would be wearing a white shirt, jeans and driving a white car.  I on the other hand, took a photo of myself and used it as a profile picture (to be as accurate as possible.  I stayed up after she logged out and finished my packing.

October 31, 2008

I got up at 3:45 am, showered and finished packing before the taxi arrived at 5 am.  I arrived at JFK at 5:30 am.  After clearing through security, I spoke with a lady on her way to Jamaica, as well, and assisted her in the direction of the terminal.  We made our way down the stairs together, and as I neared the bottom, I noticed an elderly lady in the escalator to my left falling down at the bottom.  I ran over to assist, and the two older men with her began falling over the lady and stepping on her.  I managed to get the egg-shaped lady righted again, before they completed any more of their Humpty Dance on her.

I boarded my Air Jamaica Flight about 40 minutes before take off.  Other than a smelly seatmate, the flight was great and fast.  By the time I ate my french toast, watched "Meet Dave" and nodded off a bit, we were landing in Montego Bay Airport.  We landed a little early, and after going through customs and getting my bags, I was at the front gate waiting my ride at 10:35 am.  I was pestered by cab drivers (legal and not) to let them drive me or use their phone for about an hour before I finally used the phone to call Sheika (my phone did not get service).  I told the cab driver I would give her until 12:30 before leaving the airport.  At 12:25, I heard the honking of a car and I leaned over to investigate a white car that had slowed in front of me.  It was the 400th white car to do that.  As I peered into the tinted window, I felt something tug my sleeve from behind and I heard, "Come on, idiot!"  Sheika led me over to her blue car.  She was wearing sunglasses, a pink shirt, black floral print skirt and had colored her hair red.  I was tricked by a treat!

She had to work that morning unexpectedly, and then had car trouble.  But, we caught up on the mornings misadventures as she pointed out sights of interest between Montego Bay and St. Anns Runaway Bay.  We stopped by her factory and I met her mother.  She commented on what a pretty white boy I was and how soft my hands were  (so, I liked her right away).  We then drove over to Piper's Cove Hotel where I checked in (at a discount thanks to Sheika's contacts with Miss Daisy Chin, the owner.  I changed into shorts and we left to have lunch at Coco Brown's, where we had the  place almost to ourselves.  Which made it easier for me to be foolish and confuse or waiter, James with our silliness.  James accidently spilled Pepsi on Sheika...and she apologized to him.  Good thing she was only drinking soft drinks.  While we ate, the rains got heavier and heavier.  A tropical depression had come over, and caused some flash flooding.

We drove back in the heavy rains, unaware of the storm adivsory.  We picked up Sheika's mother at the factory.  Sheika typed a quick message to Keelmy on Facebook to let him know that the idiot (me) was in Jamaica.  Keelmy had expected me to come dressed for Halloween at the office...but, that was the trick I wanted to play on him, Dan and Jose.  Surprise, I'm in Jamaica.  After dropping her mother off at their home, we took her helpers to a local market.  We got back to her place and visited in the kitchen over cake.  Her little girl, Noorie joined us and her mother retired to her room for the night.

Noorie, despite her cute face and sweet smile, is possessed by a demon.  I am certain of it.  I have scratches to prove it.  They drove me over to Piper's Cove at 10:30.  I watched television for a little while before the cable went out, then I went out, too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Versus T-Shirt Contest Design...Custody

I realized Keelmy was back in town from his trip, and knew he would be disappointed if I didn't do my homework (entering the contest).  So, this is the latest I've ever entered...and the fastest design...and it shows.