Thursday, May 13, 2010

Middle Age Spread

Well, the belly is back. I guess it comes with age and lack of exercise. It did keep me warm over the winter and has prevented colds. So, it's not without its benefits. I've been busy with work...which is nothing to complain about. Some may choose to say that I have been blessed with work. Then again, they say a lot of things "they" don't have to do. I am still working on a preschool show for Nick Jr called "Team Umizoomi". I have been working on this show for about 2 years, now. It started at the Nickelodeon studio, and after that studio shut down, the work is continuing at another studio called Curious Pictures. Along with this day job, I have had the good fortune of some fun freelance work, as well. I did some work on a music video for They Might Be Giants ( a small clip is on this blog in an earlier post). This video just got a second place award at the ASIFA animation festival for the director. He even thanked me in his acceptance speech. Another project I worked on, also got some awards. It was an animated open for a horror comedy movie called "Hysterical Pyscho". I am just starting another round of "Big Baby" cartoons which aired on Cartoon Network last year. I have also been working on some educational animations about the presidents. So, busy...but, enjoying. I haven't done any major traveling in awhile. I went home to Virginia this past Christmas, and on a ski trip with some friends from work over my birthday this year. The extra fat was good for padding and heating up there, but made getting up after a fall a lot tougher. I guess I will have to start doing something about the belly soon. Even my landlord, who I hadn't seen in 10 years, said "wow, you got fat". Then he raised my rent. I guess he is charging by the pound.